Montenegro, the hidden gem of the Balkans! While Croatia has taken the spotlight recently, Montenegro is ready to shine as the next big holiday destination. Nestled at the crossroads of eastern and western Europe, this teeny country boasts a remarkable blend of natural beauty and historical wonders, offering the real full monty experience.

Starting with its stunning coastline, Montenegro's charm lies in its compact size of under 300km, yet it dazzles travellers with its centuries-old seaside towns teeming with historical treasures. As the epic mountains brood in the background, the Adriatic Sea twinkles under the warm sunshine, creating an enchanting scene that will captivate your heart. For adventurers, the inland regions beckon with dense forests and more mountains, ready to be explored by eager hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Despite its quaint appearance, Montenegro is a bustling hub of activity. You'll be spoiled for choice with an abundance of natural beauty spots, from the breathtaking coastal landscapes to the astounding architecture scattered throughout the country. Whether you're a sun-seeker or a history buff, Montenegro has it all.

And it's not just the stunning landscapes and architecture that make Montenegro a must-visit place. The people of Montenegro are known for their warm and friendly nature, guaranteeing you a warm welcome wherever you go. Embrace the local culture and let the locals show you the heart and soul of their beloved country.

Iberostar Slavija

Did you know that Budva blends more than 11 kilometres of beaches along the Adriatic with the charm of a famous medieval city that was once part of the Venetian Empire? Iberostar Slavija is in the ideal location for you to explore Budva’s old city and medieval wall, which are located less than a 15-minute walk away, along with Slovenska Beach, which is one of the best beaches in Montenegro.

Built in 2019 and featuring in Jet2holidays’ Luxe Collection, this 5-star hotel offers spectacular sea and city views from its rooftop with an infinity pool and bar. And you won’t have to worry about a thing, since you’ll have access to an extraordinary buffet and spa, so that you can relax with a massage, in the sauna, with body and facial treatments, as well as in the hammam, a traditional Arab bath.